4D Seismic Planning to List on AMEX

4D Seismic

4D Seismic, Inc. (Other OTC: FDSM.PK) confirmed that it has received a Company Guide to the American Stock Exchange (AMEX). 4D Seismic is beginning to work on the Original Listing Requirement to be a fully reporting company and listed on the American Stock Exchange.

"This is one of the predetermined goals in the evolution of the company. Our plans always included a re-listing on a higher exchange in concert with increased revenue and expansion, and we have determined the AMEX to be the preferred destination for our company at this time," stated Stephen Curry, Vice President. The Board of Directors is presently interviewing several accounting firms to compile the audits of the financial records for year end 2004 and 2005. There will be a recommendation at the September Board meeting.

The September Board meeting is going to be held at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, in conjunction with a planning session and company retreat. The planning session and company retreat are intended to become annual events to explore new ideas and promote unity and teamwork.

Work on the Old Humble Field as of the end of August is ahead of schedule and under budget. This is a tribute to the hard work and attention to detail by both staff and contractors.