Origin's Jingemia 8 Encounters Oil

The Jingemia 8 well commenced drilling on August 13, 2006 using the Century Rig 18 drilling. 311 millimeter (12-1/4 inch) hole was drilled to 536 meters measured depth. 245 millimeter (9-5/8 inch) surface casing was set at 532 meters. 216 millimeter (8-1/2 inch) hole was drilled to a total depth at 2,565 meters measured depth in the upper Carynginia Formation, which was reached on August 28, 2006.

The top of the objective Dongara Sandstone was intersected at 2,482 meters measured depth (2,384 meters true vertical depth), approximately 30 meters above the original oil-water contact of the Jingemia field. Hydrocarbon indications recorded during drilling and wireline logs indicate that the entire Dongara Sandstone reservoir section is oil-saturated in this well. Reservoir pressure data indicates that this reservoir is not in pressure communication with the remainder of the Jingemia field.

The well will be completed for connection to the Jingemia oil facility.

Participants are Origin Energy Developments Pty Ltd* (Operator) 49.189%; ARC Energy Ltd 44.141%; Victoria Petroleum Offshore Pty Ltd 5.000%; Norwest Energy NL 1.278%; Roc Oil Pty Ltd 0.250%; and J.K. Geary 0.142%; * A wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Limited