Grenland Group Enters into Agreement with Frontline

Grenland Group

Grenland Group's technology division has entered a frame agreement with Frontline Management AS in connection with building of Frontline's new fleet of oil and gas production vessels.

Frontline plans to build several production vessels, based on existing tankers.

The intention in the agreement is that Grenland Group shall be Frontline's engineering partner for building the production vessels. First call-off on the agreement is pre-engineering for production vessel number one. The next phase will possibly be more comprehensive and include detailed engineering, procurement of equipment and installation/ commissioning.

For Grenland Group this can be the beginning of a long, comprehensive and prolonged co-operation with Frontline. "This is an important agreement for us, and I hope that we can be an attractive and important partner for Frontline," says Hallgeir Skogen, CEO in Grenland Group.