Atlantic Petroleum Completes Faroes Block 013 & 014 Seismic Survey

Atlantic Petroleum reports that the acquisition of 1089km of block specific 2D long offset seismic data over Faroes Blocks 013 & 014 in partnership with the blocks' operator, Geysir Petroleum. The 2D grid was acquired by Inseis AS using a single source and single streamer from the Bergen Surveyor vessel during July and August 2006. The seismic lines cover two identified leads and fulfill the main part of the seismic commitment for the licenses.

Participants and interests in Blocks 013 & 014: Atlantic Petroleum 40%, Geysir Petroleum (operator) 60%.

Commenting on the news, Wilhelm Petersen, CEO, said: "This acquisition program, together with other geological information which the company has, will enhance our understanding of the exploration potential of Blocks 013 and 014".