BJ Services Wins Work Offshore India

BJ Services

BJ Tubular Services has been awarded a contract by a major operator in India to carry out torque-turn services.

BJ has been retained to support the company's exploration activities offshore Kolkatta in the Bay of Bengal. With coordination from its project office in Mumbai, BJ has already commenced operations.

The contract award represents the first time that BJ Tubular Services crews have worked on behalf of this particular operator. BJ personnel are using power tongs, power units, the Loadmaster weight compensator system, and the Salvo torque-turn unit, the company's computerized torque make-up system, to carry out the torque-turn services.

India: A Growing Market for BJ

"We are proud to add this operator to our growing list of clients in India. We have operated in India for five years now, and successfully provided our services to a number of key operators in the region," said Kenny Watt, division manager of BJ Tubular Services. "We look forward to providing them with quality service in a timely fashion," he added.