Pulse Seismic Acquires Seismic Data for Deep Basin in Alberta

Pulse Data reports that its Pulse Seismic unit has purchased a seismic dataset that is located in the Deep Basin of west central Alberta. The effective date of the transaction is August 29, 2006.

The acquired data base consists of approximately 3,445 net kilometers of 2D data and approximately 224 net square kilometers of 3D data. This valuable addition to Pulse Seismic's existing data base will add high-quality seismic data in an area that has recently experienced significant increases in exploration activity by oil and gas companies. The new seismic data is complementary to the Company's existing seismic data library.

Pulse Seismic is at the forefront with regard to acquiring, marketing and licensing seismic data in Western Canada. Pulse Seismic's library consists of approximately 243,000 net kilometers of 2D seismic data and more than 9,900 net square kilometers of 3D seismic data. Revenue is generated through licensing of the data library and through the licensing of participation surveys.

Pulse is a Calgary-based company with two operating units: Pulse Seismic specializing in acquiring, marketing and licensing seismic data to the western Canadian energy sector, and Terrapoint focusing on acquisitions and processing of digital elevation and image data to diverse markets. Through these two operating units, Pulse Seismic and Terrapoint, the Company has evolved into an industry leader providing Better Information Faster(TM).