Duffy & McGovern Secures Canadian Sector Contracts

Duffy and McGovern Accommodation Services has secured three new contracts in Canada, further boosting its ongoing highly successful growth in North America.

PowerWell Services, Geoservices and Schlumberger have appointed Duffy and McGovern (DMAS) to provide units on contracts worth more than $75,000 Canadian, through long-standing Nova Scotia-based agent Associated Marine.

PowerWell workers on GlobalSantaFe's Glomar Grand Banks semisub, operated by Husky, will use an A60 fire-resistance rated zone-1 laboratory unit for six months.

The 8x16 foot unit, approved by Lloyd's, DNV and ABS and which also meets the latest IMO and SOLAS regulations, is protected by a fire and gas detection system and is fitted with heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The units contracted to Geoservices and Schlumberger are both based on the semi-submersible Erik Raude in the Orphan Basin, New Foundland. Chevron is operating the Erik Raud as they prepare to begin drilling two wells during the remainder of 2006 and 2007.

Geoservices staff will work from an 8x20 foot engineering cabin over a four month period, while a zone 1 office module is being provided for Schlumberger's workers for a minimum 90-day contract.

Associated Marine CEO, Rod Wark said: "Duffy and McGovern's fleet has brought unprecedented quality to the offshore accommodation market. We offer fast mobilisation from their bases in Halifax, New Orleans, Vilhermosa, Macae and Port of Spain, and our rapid growth throughout the American continent has been little surprise.

"These contracts strengthen our ongoing relationships with Power Well, Geoservices and Schlumberger, who are all long-standing clients in the global oil and gas arena."