Hydro Plans New Gas Developments in the North Sea

Hydro has started work on composing a joint plan for development and operation of the gas discoveries Camilla, Belinda, and Fram B in the North Sea, off the coast of the county Sogn and Fjordane. The Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) is scheduled to be submitted to the authorities by the end of 2006.

"We consider the fields to be good future contributions to Hydro's portfolio on the Norwegian continental shelf, since the resources can reach the market efficiently with the aid of advanced subsea development solutions, combined with the area's existing infrastructure," says Senior Vice President Lars Christian Alsvik, responsible for Hydro's exploration and development activities on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The fields are located at a water depth of 380 meters, in the North Sea blocks 35/8 and 35/11, around 80 kilometers west of Florø, Norway's westernmost town. They will be connected to the oil and gas installation Gjoa. From Gjoa, the plan is that the gas will be exported via a new pipeline to the pipeline system FLAGS on the British continental shelf, and then on to the terminal at St. Fergus. The condensate will be exported via a new pipeline to Troll Oil Pipeline II, and then on to Mongstad.

Recoverable reserves are estimated to amount to around 18 billion standard cubic meters of gas and four million cubic meters of condensate. The chosen development solution involves a four-well subsea production template, with two production wells for each of the structures.

Experiences gained in connection with the development of Camilla, Belinda, and Fram B will be valuable in relation to future field development projects - which to an increasing extent will be based on small volumes, which can be developed if the oil price remains high.

Partners in PL 248, Camilla and Belinda

Hydro (operator) 40 per cent
Petoro 40 per cent
Statoil 20 per cent

Partners in PL 090C, Fram B

Hydro (operator) 25 percent
Revus 25 percent
Statoil 20 percent
Idemitsu 15 percent
Gaz de France 15 percent

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