MMS Will Work with State to Ensure Successful Lease Sale 200

On the eve of Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 200, officials with the U.S. Department of the Interior's Minerals Management Service (MMS), the agency in charge of conducting lease sales in the Outer Continental Shelf, are optimistic that they will be able to address any issues expressed by the State of Louisiana involving the sale. Lease Sale 200 is the next step in MMS's goal to ensure a stable source of domestic energy for the nation through the continued sale of leases in the Gulf. A decision by a federal judge has allowed MMS to hold the sale as scheduled.

MMS is committed to addressing the issues raised by the State of Louisiana. "MMS will continue to make a sustained effort to address the state's concerns so that a fair and comprehensive treatment of the issues raised can result," Johnnie Burton, Minerals Management Service Director said. We value our long-term constructive relationship with the State of Louisiana and we will make every effort to consult and meet with the state to work on these issues in an informed and considerate manner."

MMS is committed to fostering continued oil and gas operations in Federal waters that are conducted in an environmentally sensitive manner. MMS is eager to work with the state and to ensure all interested parties that every effort will be made to address the issues raised by the state so that the environmentally safe development of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico can continue to meet the expanding energy needs of the American public and foster our growing economy.

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