Samson Implements Vertabase Pro to Manage IT Group


Vertabase, a developer of productivity-enhancing software solutions, said that Samson Investment Company, a exploration and production company in the oil and gas sector, has implemented Vertabase Pro software.

Vertabase Pro organizes people and projects by simplifying, centralizing and accelerating access to critical up-to-date information. Vertabase Pro facilitates management by providing a framework for increased productivity.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., Samson is a privately held company engaged in oil and gas exploration, acquisition and production operations in the US, Canada and the North Sea. With more than 1,300 employees at seven primary locations worldwide, Samson is one of the top 20 independent oil and gas exploration and development companies in the US.

The Samson Information Services and Technology (IS&T) team is tasked with developing and managing the telecommunications networks and applications for a wide variety of business and scientific operations, including: financial systems, management reporting, geoscience, engineering, data warehousing and geographical information systems. With more than 180 projects on-going at any given time, effective time management is critical to the IS&T team’s overall success.

As part of a regulatory compliance initiative to institute best-practices, Samson’s IS&T team began evaluating project management software solutions in 2004. After testing several competing solutions, Samson selected and implemented Vertabase Pro in June 2005.

“Since we first deployed Vertabase Pro about a year ago, we have been very pleased with the results,” said David Bagwell, Manager, Personal System Application Development, Samson. “Vertabase Pro enables us to efficiently track time spent on numerous concurrent projects. And, it’s very easy to use. Because it accelerates what can be a complicated task, our team was quick to understand the value of working with Vertabase Pro. On the basis of our success, we are looking at ways to implement Vertabase Pro in other departments within our company.”

“Furthermore, the training and support offered by Vertabase has been excellent. The Vertabase team offers more than assistance related to their product, they share their overall expertise in project management. Working with Vertabase has been a very positive experience that has given us excellent results,” Mr. Bagwell concluded.

Headquartered in Oak Park Mich., Vertabase was founded in 1997. First launched in 1999, Vertabase’s flagship product Vertabase Pro provides resource planning, project management, project tracking and document management.