DMT Orders Five ROVs

Deep Marine Technology, Inc.

Deep Marine Technology, Inc. recently inked an agreement for the order of five Triton XLS Work Class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) from Perry Slingsby Systems. Slated for delivery beginning in April 2007, one vehicle a month will be added to Deep Marine Technology’s already existing ROV fleet to assist with ever increasing client requirements.

The 150Hp, 3,000m depth rated Triton XLS ROVs will be furnished in a heavy-work configuration with 600m of useable tether and enhanced capabilities including:

--Larger 15” thrusters
--Station-keeping capabilities
--Survey suite
--Ethernet capabilities

"These ROVs will help fulfill the increasing demands of the offshore oil and gas industry here in the Gulf of Mexico and international markets," stated Chief Executive Officer Paul McKim. "At DMT, we have noticed a developing trend of higher utilization of ROVs and felt now was the time to act in order to stay ahead and anticipate customer needs."

Deep Marine Technology, Inc. is an independent U.S. company that offers subsea technology and customized solutions.