Tap Oil Drilling Ahead on Galloway-1 Exploration Well

Tap Oil says the Galloway-1 well is a deviated well designed to be drilled from an onshore surface location to test a prospective target located in nearshore permit Vic/P39(V), 2.5km to the east. The surface location is approximately 5 kilometers southwest of Loch Sport (220 kilometers southeast of Melbourne) on the Gippsland south coast.

As of August 8th, the well had drilled ahead to 1,606m meters measured depth and was preparing to run casing. The well is progressing as according to program.

Galloway-1 is expected to take 5 - 7 days to reach the objective.

Vic/P39(V) Joint Venture Participants are Tap with 25%; Santos as operator with 37.5%; and Nexus Energy with 37.5%.