Bristow Helicopters Names John Cloggie as Director of European Operations

Vertical Magazine

Richard Burman, Managing Director of Bristow Helicopters announces that John Cloggie has been appointed as Acting Director of European Operations based in Aberdeen. John has been the Technical Director at Bristow since 2004 and has substantial experience of helicopter operations with 35 years in the industry. He is the technical Chairman of the European Helicopter Association and a member of the Technical Committee of the British Helicopter Advisory Board. John is married and has three children and lives near Banchory.

In taking up this appointment John Cloggie stated:

"I welcome this great opportunity to take Bristow forward in what is a challenging time with the introduction of new helicopters and the need to meet the ever changing requirements of our customers in the oil and gas industry. Bristow is committed to working with its customers to ensure the continued safe and effective provision of helicopters services into the future."