Initial Manati Test Results Look Promising


The first two wells Petrobras and its partners have drilled at the Manati Field, in the Camamu Basin, Southern Bahia, have together resulted in a flow of approximately 1.8 million cubic meters of natural gas and 60 cubic meters of oil condensate a day, Petrobras reported Tuesday.

Concluded this week, the first production tests confirmed the major potential of the Sergi Formation reservoirs, where the field is located. Petrobras, in a consortium with Queiroz Galvão and Rio das Contas (belonging to the Norwegian Norse Energy group), operates the project.

The Manati field is expected to start producing in September. Initially, the first two wells will contribute with about 2 million cubic meters of gas a day, while in the future, they may reach a maximum capacity of 3 million cubic meters a day. The Manati Project foresees drilling a total of seven wells and is predicted to produce some 6 million cubic meters of natural gas a day as of 2007, decisively contributing to consolidating the gas market in Northeastern Brazil.

In order for the field to go into operation, a fixed shallow-water production platform, 125 km of gas pipelines, and a gas treatment station are being installed in the São Francisco do Conte municipality (BA). The construction work is in its final phase.