Forum Oilfield Acquires Baker SPD

Forum Oilfield Technologies in February 2006 acquired Baker SPD from Baker Hughes. Other Forum companies include Access Oil Tools, Acadiana Oilfield Instruments, and Advance Manufacturing Technology. Baker SPD said that it is very proud to be part of the new company.

Forum Oilfield Technologies is the parent company for Access Oil Tools, Acadiana Oilfield Instruments (AOI), Advance Manufacturing Technology (AMT), and Baker SPD. Forum is positioned to be a single-source, broad-based supplier of equipment and technology for the oil & gas drilling and production industry.

Each of Forum's companies brings more than 20 years of oilfield experience. Forum companies maintain their original management and their focus on customer responsiveness. This core philosophy spurs each company to develop innovative products and technology driven by customer needs.

Forum Oilfield Technologies-Baker SPD offers the following line of oilfield drilling and production products:

--Centrifugal pumps
--Drill pipe float valves
--Fluid end expandable pipe parts
--Mud gate valves
--Hydraulic hand pumps
--Open-side pipe vises
--Lube / thread compounds
--Control / choke valves
--BTC gate valves
--Diaphragm actuated gate valves (DAV)
--Enhanced oil recovery products (EOR)