Aspen Prepares to Drill Underbalanced Gas Well

Aspen Exploration Corp. said Thursday that it is nearing completion of the first phase of operations in preparation to drill an underbalanced gas well in the West Grimes Gas Field, Colusa County, Calif.

The WGU #15-12 well was conventionally drilled to a depth of 6,070 feet. Production casing will be run, the drilling rig will be released, and then a completion rig will move in and drill approximately 100 feet deeper with an underbalanced system in an attempt to find gas pay in the Forbes formation. Aspen hopes to encounter this gas target 50 feet updip from a correlative prolific Forbes zone that produces in an existing Aspen well, located 1,000 feet to the southeast. This underbalanced drilling technique has had excellent results on a recent Forbes gas well Aspen drilled in this field. Aspen has a 5,000 plus acre lease position and a 21% operated working interest in this field.

Aspen drilled seven successful gas wells out of eight attempts thus far in 2006, and nine gas wells out of ten attempts in 2005. During the last 5 1/2 years, Aspen has participated in the drilling of 43 operated wells, 37of which were completed as gas wells, and six dry holes--a success rate of 86%. Aspen currently operates 54 gas wells and has non-operated interests in 20 additional wells in the Sacramento Valley of northern California.