Pemex to Begin Drilling Projects in Tabasco

The Deputy Director of the Southern Region of Pemex, Maclovio Yáñez Mondragón, has announced that next June and July, drilling will begin on five different projects in Tabasco, investing 8 billion pesos (US $820 million). The projects are located in the Samaria, Cunduacán, Iride, Oxiacaque, Jujo-Tecominoacán, Giralda, Puerto Ceiba and Bellota-Chinchorro fields, which contain crude oil reserves. Yáñez said that studies into the projects are currently being carried out by the Mexican College of Oil Engineers and the company Nederland Helliwell. When the studies are completion and if approval is issued, the funds will be released for the initiation of the works. The projects should allow Pemex to produce an extra 525,000 barrels of oil per day.