Telecom International Expanding to Serve the Offshore Oil Industry

Telecom International is expanding their services to include real-time data management solutions to the offshore oil industry.

In a business that operates in very remote locations and is measured by how much of the commodity it can pull from the farthest depths of the earth; how valuable is real-time data to making better decisions? Telecom International, Inc., (TII) understands the value of real-time data and getting it to decision makers quickly and in a usable format. Real-time data is among the most important tools needed to making decisions faster, more efficient and more accurate.

TII is a technology integrator specializing in improving productivity on remote oil rigs through the use of real-time data collection and communications. TII's Data Acquisition System is capable of receiving data from any measurement or analytical device located on any oil rig in the world. It can interpret the signal from any device, characterize, calculate, organize and display it directly to the desktop of any decision maker in the enterprise.

For the last ten years, TII has designed and managed data networks between the U.S. and remote locations around the globe. As a Technology Integrator, TII researches, tests and utilizes the most advanced technology when designing information and communications systems. Typical of this process is the development of TII's Data Acquisition System. It overcomes the many challenges involved with creating real-time information sharing from many disparate devices and delivering it to many different users throughout the organization.

"The challenge of data capture is compatibility. It must be able to read any device using any signal located on the rig. It must also interface with any SCADA, telemetry or data collection systems already in use without requiring a new investment or a change in structure. The data needs to be collected on-demand, through polling or periodic feeds. Our system performs and maintains statistical analysis on this data and can be customized to analyze it by any function. The challenge of connectivity is making it very affordable, yet reliable with high availability and low latency. Additionally, collecting all of this data presents a challenge when interpreting, characterizing and making it usable to the full spectrum of decision makers. The Data Acquisition System was designed to overcome these challenges, and does it well", said Karl Faller, Telecom International, Inc., President.

The system is real-time, reliable, cost effective and can read any device. It produces relevant data into screens, reports and into other application software, and can deliver it to any user with connectivity to the internet or intranet.

TII offers a fully integrated, stand-alone, one-stop system. TII provides data management and installs all equipment, software and communications. The system is totally flexible and includes over 150+ fully customizable data screens. Access by users can be through the internet or through the corporate network.

Telecom's Data Acquisition System gives the decision makers the right data, in real-time, in the right format.

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