Statoil Comes Up Empty on Edvarda


The drilling of exploration well 6403/6-1 in the Edvarda structure in the Norwegian Sea is completed. No gas or oil was found.

"It is of course disappointing that we did not strike hydrocarbons, but the deep-sea areas in the Norwegian Sea are rather unexplored. This new data point will be an important contribution in the efforts to find more oil and gas in the region," say Kjersti Seim, exploration manager for the Norwegian Sea deep-sea area.

The well was drilled to a total depth of 4095 meters below sea level. The drilling rig Eirik Raude performed the drilling in 1720 meters of water. The purpose was to examine the potential for oil and gas in possible sandstones from the Cretaceous period in the Edvarda prospect.

Edvarda is located some 100 kilometers north-west of the gas field Ormen Lange in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea, some 230 kilometers northwest of Kristiansund.

Statoil is operator for production license 322, with an interest of 90%., whereas 10% is owned by Shell.