Boots & Coots Expands Safeguard Contracts in Algeria

Boots & Coots International Well Control

Boots & Coots International Well Control has significantly expanded one of its two five-year SafeGuard contracts in Algeria with the signing of a new amendment worth $12.3 million in additional revenues. This raises the scope of services under contract in Algeria to $35.2 million. Services performed under these contracts include risk management and analyses as well as a comprehensive range of engineering services.

"We are in the second year of performing services in Algeria, and I believe this amendment for additional services is a testament to our recognized commitment to our customers and our results-driven performance," said Jerry Winchester, chief executive officer of Boots & Coots. "We continue to see opportunities around the globe for our risk management and prevention services, and with the addition of Hydraulic Well Control's services, we can leverage our footprint to serve more customers."

Under the terms of the SafeGuard contracts, Boots & Coots will provide training, risk analyses, contingency planning and well inspections, as well as the prevention and control of blowouts and the prevention of risks related to installations. In addition to Algeria, Boots & Coots also currently performs services under SafeGuard contracts in Venezuela, Kazakhstan and India.