BJ Services Wins Key Contract in Libya from Oxy

BJ Tubular Services

BJ Tubular Services has been awarded a contract by OXY Libya LLC to provide casing and tubing running services, as well as float equipment, centralisers and thread compounds. BJ Tubular Services will support 27 exploration wells currently scheduled for drilling on OXY Libya's concessions in the Sirte, Murzuq and Cyrenaica regions.

BJ Tubular Services will commence operations in September 2006. Initial plans involve using two drilling rigs, and services will be carried out during the following 27 months. The two-year multi-million dollar contract features a one-year option to renew.

All related services provided by BJ Tubular Services will be delivered by dedicated personnel using state-of-the-art equipment based at the division's facilities in Tripoli, Libya. To carry out casing and tubing running services, the crews will use BJ's specialist Fill and Circulate Tool that provides safe, effective fill-up of the casing string while running in hole.

Over time, BJ Tubular Services has worked on behalf of Occidental Petroleum in other oil-producing regions in the Middle East, including a three-year contract for Occidental Petroleum Qatar Ltd to provide casing and tubing running services for the company in the Idd El Shargi field. "Bearing in mind that Libya plays a considerable role in Occidental's global production, we are dedicated to bringing all our experience and technology to bear on making this operation a success for them in Libya," said Kenny Watt, division manager of BJ Tubular Services.