AlMansoori Launches New Generation Land Wireline Unit

AlMansoori Specialized Engineering (MSE) of Abu Dhabi, has launched the new generation of its impressive range of land wireline units (Al Qaher) with the first destined for Saudi Arabia.

Designed for desert conditions and high temperatures, the double drum unit is made up of three compartments – winch, operator cabin and workshop – and is mounted on a MAN 4x4 18GVW chassis.

The slickline winch unit utilizes closed loop hydraulics, giving a combination of good acceleration and deceleration for jarring operations, and the ability to run smoothly at very low constant speeds for memory logging applications.

Built by Lee Specialities Middle East, the unit utilises power from the truck engine, thereby reducing costs and eliminating the need for a separate power pack which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

Safety is a major feature of the unit and the body has excellent thermal properties. Other features include:

  • Computerised data recording
  • Variable speed drum motor control for the hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic driven generator and compressor
  • BOP control system
  • Hydrostatic testing system

The new unit has been commissioned by Saudi Aramco for the Damam field in Saudi Arabia. The unit will be on location by the middle of August and others are currently being designed.

AlMansoori wireline office manager Khair Azzam said: "The launch of the new high quality wireline units, with their emphasis on safety, control and flexibility, is set to make a significant impact on the onshore well services market.

"Extremely well designed and with a range of features to improve performance in a safe environment, this unit will be the first of many and designs are already being prepared for more."