Carlyle/Riverstone, Cherington Agree to ILI Merger

Datalog Technology Inc. (DTI) said that Carlyle/Riverstone Global Energy and Power Funds and Cherington Capital have filed an agreement to acquire its mud logging operation, International Logging Incorporated (ILI). DTI is an investor in the new company, and Ian Underdown, DTI’s president, will serve on the board of directors.

“This merger is extremely beneficial for both companies,” said Underdown. “We are excited about the future of ILI and Datalog and look forward to continued success.”

The merger includes all mud logging operations worldwide, with the exception of operations in U.S.-embargoed countries including Cuba and Sudan where Datalog will continue to operate. Datalog will focus on the remaining products and services in its Information Solutions division, which includes the following product lines:

--The Electronic Drilling Recorder is a complete, unmanned rig monitoring system. It provides full control and management of drilling data including a tour sheet application. The information collected is in real-time and security-protected through the Internet for viewing by anyone, anywhere.
--The GasWizard is a stand-alone gas detector that uses patented semipermeable membrane extraction to measure gas in and out directly from any drilling fluid. The GasWizard has reliable, fast response times without the problems associated with traditional gas traps.
--Logging While Tripping is a safe, simple, and efficient technology that provides a new approach to formation evaluation. The system eliminates the need to push wireline tools through a deviated hole resulting in significant time savings. There is also no need to remove drillpipe or perform hole conditioning trips before or after logging. LWT has multiple application options from horizontal, multilateral, and extended reach holes to underbalanced logging and remote operation.
--The Measurement While Drilling software system offers a comprehensive and direct interface with Geolink and Tensor Tools. It provides real-time and 3D viewing along with directional survey calculations. MWD also incorporates resistivity, sonic, and density Logging While Drilling data.
--Underbalanced Drilling controls drilling by ensuring circulating pressure is less than formation pressure and well trajectory is in the “sweet spot.” Datalog’s UBD is the industry standard, which combines the latest technology in pressure sensors with accurate calculations to enhance your drilling operation.
--Wireline Logging service is ideal for the oil and gas as well as mining industries. The compact logging unit is a perfect fit for remote locations and shallow wells. Borehole logging provides valuable information make assessments in heavy oil, coal exploration, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, underground storage, core holes, and uranium exploration.

Since 1986, DTI has provided drilling and geological monitoring solutions to the oil and gas industry.