Empyrean Begins Glantal Gas Project Tests

Empyrean Energy PLC said that testing of the intervals considered most likely to produce gas at Glantal-1 well has commenced. Glantal-1 is part of the company’s Glantal Gas Project in Germany.

Empyrean said that its initial zones have been chosen, commencing with the lowermost interval of 1445-1455 meters. The operator Pannonian International Ltd (Pannonian), a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S.-based Galaxy Energy, has reported that the first test operation was completed on the July 15, 2006. A light blow was recorded at the surface, and approximately 56 gallons (212 liters) of fluid was recovered in the test string. A sample of formation water was collected from the test chamber and is being analyzed. Examination of pressure charts recovered after the operation has confirmed that the test was valid. Pannonian has since reported that initial interpretation of the charts has indicated that the permeability of the reservoir may be due to both matrix and fracture.

The second zone of 1355-1379 meters was tested on the July 18 with similar results. No gas was detected and formation water samples have been collected for analysis, and pressure charts are being examined.

Preparations for testing the third zone of 1228-1249 meters are underway, and the results will be announced once Pannonian reports the analysis of the pressure charts to Empyrean.