ShawCor Announces Saudi Aramco Contract

ShawCor Ltd.

ShawCor Ltd. said that its joint venture affiliate Arabian Pipecoating Co. Limited (APCO) has received a contract with a total value in excess of US$60 million to provide anti-corrosion and internal flow efficiency coatings and double jointing for the Saudi Aramco Khurais Pipeline Project. The pipe will be coated with fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) powder and a FBE internal anticorrosion coating at the APCO pipe coating facility located at Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. More than 2,200 kilometers of pipe in various sizes from 8-inch through 60-inch diameter will be used for crude oil production and to carry salt water from the Arabian Gulf to the Khurais field, where it will be used to provide enhanced oil recovery.

APCO provides external FBE coatings and internal linings, external multilayer polyethylene and polypropylene coatings, double jointing, field joint protection, and custom coating services to serve the oil, gas, and water industries in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf region.

ShawCor Ltd. is a growth-oriented, global energy services company that operates through six divisions that focus on technology-based products and services for the pipeline and pipe services and the petrochemical and industrial markets with manufacturing and service facilities located in more than 20 countries around the world.

The APCO joint venture is affiliated with Bredero Shaw, ShawCor's largest division, which is the global leader in pipe coating solutions and employs approximately 4,000 permanent and contract personnel located at offices and facilities in 15 countries. The division provides specialized coating systems and related services for corrosion protection, insulation, and weight coating applications on land and marine pipelines including highly engineered corrosion and insulation systems for deepwater applications.