HLV Gains Stake in Alberta Acreage

HLV Trading, Inc. has acquired a 60% working Interest in a 5 year crown lease of Petroleum and Natural Gas rights in a 640 acres of land located in Alberta, Canada. The lands are located in south east Alberta near the Canadian USA border.

Based on nearby production, it is anticipated that there could be up to two productive gas zones within a 2,000 foot depth, the primary target being the Sunburst zone and the secondary target the White Specs zone.

There is neighboring production in the area, and as a result there is good infrastructure nearby, which will facilitate getting potential production to market in a timely and cost efficient manner.

The Company's next step will be to fine tune our geologic model by reviewing any available industry seismic and or shooting our own additional seismic with a view to optimizing our drill location(s). Seismic is a very useful tool in this geologic setting comprised of channel sands.

Additionally, HLVC will undertake steps to apply for name and symbol change to reflect the new direction that the company is pursuing. News of the same will be announced if and when the name and symbol changes are approved.

Charles Voccaro, President HLV Trading, Inc. states, "We are totally committed to delivering the highest value to our shareholders. Opportunity is upon us to benefit from the high oil and gas prices to deliver the best possible returns to our investors. The new direction will consolidate our position as a leading junior oil and Gas player in the near future."

HLV Trading, Inc. an equity trading company has now embarked on a focus of responsible development, exploration, and exploitation of oil and gas resources in North America. HLVC is an emerging junior oil and gas company financially well connected, coupled with a strong management and technical team focused on exploiting oil and gas reserves in North America.