Gaz de France Bolsters its Presence in Mauritania

Gaz de France

Mohamed Ali Ould Sidi Mohamed, Mauritania’s minister of energy and oil, and Jean-François Cirelli, chairman and CEO of Gaz de France, recently signed a memorandum of understanding that reportedly will lead to a major, wide ranging alliance in the energy industry.

The agreement covers three key areas:

--Completion by Gaz de France of a feasibility study for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply chain in Mauritania. This research will determine the existing opportunities for the development of gas industry activities in this country. It will focus on the exploration and production of natural gas, its liquefaction in Mauritania in addition to sea transport and possible commercial outlets in Europe or North America.
--The possibility of developing electricity generation in Mauritania using natural gas
--Training program design for Mauritanian employees focused on activities related to natural gas with a view to developing local gas industry expertise.

The signature of this agreement illustrates Gaz de France's determination to become a major player in the rapidly growing Mauritanian gas industry by contributing its know-how and technical expertise, particularly in areas related to LNG. It also highlights the willingness shared by the Mauritanian authorities and Gaz de France to enter into a long-term partnership capable of providing a framework for the development of the country's energy resources. This agreement meets the objective of sustainable industrial development in Mauritania.

Gaz de France first began operations in Mauritania in 2005 in the area of exploration. The potential reserves of natural gas could offer substantial long-term prospects. Under the terms of an agreement with Dana Petroleum, subject to the official approval of the relevant authorities, Gaz de France will own stakes in three offshore exploration blocks (24% of Block 1; 27.85% of Block 7, and 17.5% of Block 8).