Pryme Names Advisory Board for Expansion

Pryme Oil and Gas Limited, a fast-growing Australian oil and natural gas producer and explorer operating in the U.S., has established an advisory board to assist the company as it advances its exploration projects. The expertise of the advisory board augments that of the existing management team’s 50 years of energy industry experience, which includes local knowledge in Louisiana, Pryme’s key area of operations.

The first members of the board are named below. The composition of the advisory board may change as the company develops in the future.

Donald R. Ellison will be Pryme’s Advisory Director for Petroleum Engineering. He holds a degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Missouri School of Mines. His domestic career has involved the engineering management of Lake Pasture Field, the third-largest oil and gas reserve in Texas; two significant oil and gas discoveries in Oklahoma that each have cumulative production of several million barrels of oil and several billion cubic feet of natural gas; and a successful gas/condensate resource development project in East Texas.

Outside of the U.S., Ellison was the first U.S. citizen to successfully establish a joint venture for the production of oil and associated gas in the former Soviet Union, when in 1989 he entered into oil resource development accords with Tatneft, the state-owned oil and gas company of the Republic of Tatarstan. His company, Ellison Engineering, conducts reservoir engineering studies, project management of oil and gas drilling, completions and production operations, coalbed methane project consulting, plus thermal and wind power project co-development.

James R. (Jay) Stewart will be Pryme’s Advisory Director for Geology, Petroleum Land and Environmental Studies. He graduated with honors from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1982 and holds a bachelor’s degree in geology.

Stewart’s accomplishments and areas of activity include geologist and petroleum land and environmental affairs consultant since December 1983 for various companies in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, and Texas. For the past 10 years Stewart has utilized his land and geological talent in aggregating considerable wealth for his own account and for the account of others. He has been focused on oil and gas prospect generation in North Louisiana, during which time Stewart also managed the land and mineral leasing rights for two JV partnerships centered in the Wilcox Basin.

Stewart’s consulting work has included working with environmental compliance departments in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. He has represented clients in all environmental aspects, including site testing, evaluation, documentation, and proposing test methods and remediation plans acceptable to the state.