Petrobras Makes Deepwater Discovery in Santos Basin


A consortium formed by Petrobras, BG, and by Portuguese Petrogal found light oil in the 1-BRSA-369A-RJS (1-RJS-628A) well, located in ultra-deep Santos Basin waters.

The well, which is still being drilled, is located in a new exploratory frontier area, where water depth reaches 2,140 meters.

The well, the first one drilled in the BM-S-11 block, is located 250 kilometers away from the southern coast of the city of Rio de Janeiro, and 280 kilometers away from the Duque de Caxias Refinery (Reduc). It represents a historical landmark for oil exploration in Brazil since it is the first one to surpass a layer of salt that is more than 2,000 meters thick, in the marine subsoil, and find oil.

Petrobras operates the block, holding 65% of the participation; meanwhile, BG holds 25% and Petrogal 10%.

Because this is a new exploratory frontier, preliminary results are very important. Nonetheless, additional investments are required to evaluate these reservoirs' volume and productivity.

As required by the legislation in effect, the discovery has been communicated to the National Petroleum Agency (NPA).