Rocksource Finalizes Version 2 of Rocksource Discover

Rocksource has finalized version 2 of the Rocksource Discover platform. The current system allows Rocksource to properly handle offshore electromagnetic (EM) data in all parts of the work flow from screening of suitable areas to integrated analyses. The latest version of the system has focused particularly on handling uncertainties, both pre and post survey acquisition, to improve the exploration decision making process. This is especially important in 'EM-complex' settings where the higher chance of encountering false-positive and/or false-negative must be accounted for in the prospect evaluation. The latest version adds to Rocksource's integrated exploration toolkit and its ability to conduct thorough and efficient exploration evaluation on the NCS and internationally.

Chief Technology Officer, Jonny Hesthammer, states that `The use of CSEM technology in offshore hydrocarbon exploration is still in an early stage and there is significant potential for improvements. Last year we focused on the development of reliable resistivity inversion techniques that would allow EM data to be fully integrated with seismic data and we successfully tested this on a number of real data sets with well control. This year we have concentrated more on pre- and post-acquisition uncertainties and how to gain a high degree of confidence in the results we obtain. Many areas that we evaluate include complexities such as shallow gas, carbonates, salt and volcanic rocks. It is central for Rocksource's exploration strategy to be able to deal with these complexities as it will both help us avoid making the wrong decisions as well as enabling us to use the EM technology in areas otherwise considered unsuitable for the technology.'