Coemergence Offers New Business Solution

The world of business would be very different if opportunities could be found and deals closed before information went public. Imagine, not having to get into a bidding war, cutting time in decision-making-mode and negotiations by an order of magnitude and, getting the best price.

Richard Marrs, Coemergence VP Business Development, is a seasoned M&A and knowledge management practitioner with over 27 years of experience in the field. He says, "Getting at the right information for early recognition of an opportunity is vital."

"The vast amount of information available to and within a company can be likened to a huge puzzle," remarks Marrs. "It takes time to sort through all the pieces and make sense of them. If you had a puzzle-sorter, the job would be that much easier."

ACIS(TM) is that puzzle-sorter. It facilitates information gathering from staff across the company-rumors, conversations, and snippets of data. This "soft" information is melded with "hard" information from news feeds, financial and technical databases. ACIS(TM) helps create a more complete picture of the M&A environment through a set of early warning signals, continuous user-defined filters and notifications allowing M&A teams to finish the puzzle quicker, make a decision to move, and address an opportunity or threat faster.

Marrs adds, "By building up a layered portrait of a target over time, any due diligence review will be much more subtle and nuanced than a snapshot taken at any given point in time. Seeing the way a target got to the present is as important as seeing what the present is."

ACIS(TM) allows users to collect and organize information about companies and assets over time, keeping track of who knows whom and who knows what. Valuable pieces of information are captured and can be accessed quickly when required.

"Knowledge is so often tied up within people's heads or connected to personal electronic and paper-based filing systems," comments Marrs. "What happens when a key individual leaves the company? Does their knowledge or how to access it leave with them? How do you get new team members up to speed with the knowledge essential to a particular project?"

To facilitate the capture of tacit information, ACIS(TM) incorporates a flag system to collect critical information from conversations had at trade shows or chats over lunch. Its document management and workspace features allow individuals and teams to organize and work with electronic documentation related to a particular asset or company, and the built-in reports provide flexible up-to-the-minute information to key decision makers.

Information becomes corporate knowledge, inter-linked and organized so it is accessible even after its creator has left the scene.

Upstream oil and gas companies face the perpetual challenge to grow. To ensure the best chances of success, there needs to be a continually updated picture of the acquisition marketplace and business environment against which to measure the company's strategy.

Get to the deals faster. Be in the right place at the right time with the right offer. Discover value others have failed to detect. Better understand competitor motives. Recognize trends before they emerge, and position to exploit them.

An aggressive growth effort calls for the ability to access real-time intelligence and identify opportunities and threats earlier. ACIS(TM), based on Coemergence's Opportunity Discovery and Action Support(TM) methodology, provides the breakthrough capability needed to achieve competitive advantage in a highly competitive environment.

Coemergence Inc. was formed by a group of experienced information professionals and mergers and acquisitions experts to develop a class of breakthrough business solutions for harnessing the power of a company's internal information. Coemergence's patent pending Opportunity Discovery and Action Support(TM) methodology combines "hard" technical data on targets and competitors with "soft" information on issues, intentions and strategies, to reveal new and otherwise unattainable insights. The results are early alerts of opportunities and threats, in a structure that gathers all the necessary knowledge to initiate action.