Schlumberger Acquires Geomechanics Leader TerraTek, Inc.

Schlumberger has acquired TerraTek, Inc., a global leader in geomechanics measurements and analysis. TerraTek, with 80 people in the Salt Lake City office, will become the Geomechanics Laboratory Center of Excellence for Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services.

This acquisition brings together the expertise and knowledge base of both companies to create a unique domain of expertise in geomechanics measurements and analysis. Customers will benefit from unparalleled services that can reduce reservoir risk and uncertainties by delivering more accurate reservoir characterization.

"By integrating their knowledge of applied geomechanics core evaluation with our expertise in petrophysics and geomechanics, we will enhance the value of our services, particularly in the unconventional gas reservoirs that will produce a greater proportion of future world supply," said Chris Hopkins, president, Data & Consulting Services, Schlumberger.

The Geomechanics Laboratory Center of Excellence will offer rock mechanics evaluations, unconventional gas reservoir analysis, large-scale drilling and completions performance testing, and log-to-core integration.

"This is a significant step for our employees and our customers," said Sidney Green, chief executive officer, TerraTek. "As part of the Data & Consulting Services group, our measurements and analysis of rock properties can leverage the industry's leading petrophysical technologies as well as provide substantial knowledge to further develop advanced reservoir solutions."

Geomechanics analysis provides vital understanding of the behavior of hydrocarbon reservoir rocks as they undergo the mechanical changes associated with drilling and production activity.