Fugro-Geoteam Buys Multiple Orca Licenses

Concept Systems Ltd. (CSL), a subsidiary of Input/Output, Inc., announced that Fugro-Geoteam AS has agreed to purchase multiple licenses for the Orca(TM) command and control software package for marine seismic acquisition.

Orca is the first of a new generation of integrated command and control systems designed to harness the complex data workflows found onboard modern seismic vessels. Purpose-designed to incorporate the latest technologies, Orca manages all aspects and stages of the navigation and seismic data workflows for vessel operators, enabling them to operate more safely and more efficiently during complex survey operations while delivering processing-ready data to their customers. Orca offers reduced downtime with increased functionality, flexibility, and operational efficiency.

"Over the next several months, we shall be installing Orca on our three, soon- to-be-launched super capacity vessels—the Geo Atlantic, Geo Barents, and Geo Celtic,” said Hans Christian Vaage, acquisition manager for Fugro-Geoteam AS. “These vessels will operate with the latest available technology and we include Orca as a natural progression of this. The vessels will operate with some of the largest streamer spreads available and will be ready for steerable streamer systems. Orca will also help Fugro-Geoteam AS further develop our already significant experience in executing complex projects. This includes 4D work with complex undershoot operations."

"We are pleased to have Fugro as our second commercial customer for Orca,” added Alan Faichney, Concept Systems’ managing director. “Fugro has been making significant investments to expand and outfit their towed streamer fleet with the most recent seismic technologies. They understand the value Orca can bring by supporting more efficient acquisition operations, especially for complex survey designs. Additionally, Orca will enhance Fugro's efforts to deploy large numbers of tightly spaced streamers and optimize repeatability in 4D programs. By delivering these imaging benefits while simultaneously supporting more efficient operations, both Fugro and its oil and gas company customers should benefit significantly."

Orca is the culmination of more than 300 man-years of software development including investments to incorporate key features offered in the Spectra, Sprint, and Reflex software products. Key Orca features include:

  • Single-point configuration and operator control--reduce system set-up time, lessen the potential for operational errors, and streamline on-board instrument room activities

  • Multi-line, multi-vessel command & control--support independent vessel turns and tracks during complex surveys to enable safer, more efficient acquisition operations

  • Automated binning and coverage import--maximize spatial sampling, reduce infill, optimize streamer positioning, and enhance time-lapse survey repeatability

  • Advanced quality control (QC) features--inform operators when faults and problems occur and eliminate the need for continuous system monitoring

  • Processing-ready data output--deliver final P1/P90 data automatically for 90% of all survey lines to eliminate the requirement for dedicated on-board processing.

Concept Systems and I/O's Marine Imaging Systems Division are currently working to tightly integrate Orca with I/O's compass birds, DigiRANGE II(TM) acoustic positioning system, and DigiFIN(TM) streamer control system. When complete, this marine solution will include steerable streamers and a fully acoustically-braced streamer network that will maximize spatial sampling in marine acquisition and improve the repeatability of 4D programs.

Concept Systems Ltd. (CSL), a subsidiary of I/O, is provider of advanced IT solutions, products and services for the oil exploration and production industry. Concept Systems' offerings include navigation systems; survey planning; command and control solutions; data integration and management; and geophysical services. CSL offerings are provided for 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic imaging programs in all acquisition environments--marine, seabed (OBC), and land.

I/O is a technology-focused seismic solutions provider. The company provides seismic acquisition equipment, software, and planning and seismic processing services to the global oil and gas industry. I/O's technologies are applied in both land and marine environments, in traditional 2D and 3D surveys, and in rapidly growing areas like time-lapse (4D) reservoir monitoring and full-wave imaging. Headquartered in Houston, I/O has regional offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe, China, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Fugro-Geoteam AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fugro N.V. based in the Netherlands. With approximately 9,000 employees and 275 offices more than 50 countries, Fugro is a worldwide service provider within the oil and gas, mining, and construction industries.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Fugro-Geoteam AS is responsible for Fugro's worldwide exploration seismic activities and operates a fleet of seismic vessels. Fugro-Geoteam AS is involved in 2D, 3D, and 4D Marine Seismic Acquisition and Seismic Data Processing.

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