New Logistics Center Ensures Smooth Drilling Activities at Mittelplate


The Mittelplate Consortium, consisting of RWE Dea as operator and Wintershall as well as the company Plambeck Containerdienst, have officially inaugurated a new logistics center for the transshipment of cuttings in Cuxhaven today.

The new logistics center is a further building block as part of efforts to improve the environmental track record in producing oil from Germany's biggest oil field, Mittelplate. Cuttings are created on Mittelplate Drilling and Production Island as the drill bit rotates underground when drilling for oil. In the process, the teeth of the drill bit make contact with rock formations and break pieces off the surface. These rock cuttings are then flushed to the top by the drilling mechanism. A total of 5,000 mt of these cuttings can now be stored, transshipped and thermally processed in future, in compliance with a high level of environmental and safety standards.

The construction of the new logistics center became necessary in the wake of the installation of the new T-150 drilling rig on Mittelplate Island, which has already begun with an extensive drilling pro-gram. The high-tech facility is in the process of drilling well A20, followed by additional deviated, extended reach wells over distances of about 8,000 m in order to ensure optimum development of the Mittelplate oilfield. In the course of these activities, substantial volumes of cuttings are produced, which are now being processed onshore in the course of the new waste disposal management system. As a result, the deployment of safe, environmentally compatible and modern technologies with a proven track record in the ecologically sensitive Wattenmeer tideland production area since the project began will be continued onshore.