Aker Reinertsen Wins Work at Kristin & Asgard B Platforms

A contract has been awarded to Aker Reinertsen for modification work on the Kristin and Asgard B platforms in the Norwegian Sea in connection with the Tyrihans field development.

The contract has a value of NOK 440 million. Aker Reinertsen will have overall responsibility for integration of Tyrihans on board Kristin and Asgard B.

The wellstream from Tyrihans will be processed on Kristin. Gas from Asgard B will be injected into the Tyrihans reservoir for pressure support.

Aker Reinertsen will install a new outlet facility for gas injection on Asgard B, including a gas meter.

On Kristin the company will build and install a new manifold module for receiving the well stream from Tyrihans.

A tie-in to existing systems on Kristin will also be made.

In addition, the company will install equipment for direct electric heating of the tubing and electrical equipment for subsea water injection pumps.

The work will start immediately and be completed by the end of 2008. Parts of the steel fabrication will be carried out at Aker Reinertsen's workshop in Murmansk in Russia.

The Tyrihans development embraces two structures: Tyrihans South, an oil field with a gas cap, and Tyrihans North. The latter is a gas and condensate discovery with a thin oil zone.

The structures will be developed with five seabed templates, four of them to be used for production/gas injection and one for water injection. A 43-kilometer pipeline will carry the well stream to the platform.

Like the Kristin gas, the Tyrihans gas will be sent through the Asgard Transport system to the treatment complex at Karsto north of Stavanger.

Liquids production – condensate (light oil) and crude – will be combined with Kristin output after stabilization and piped through an existing pipeline to the Asgard C storage ship for export by shuttle tanker.

Tyrihans is due to come on stream in 2009, when spare capacity will be available in Kristin's topside facilities.

Total development costs are estimated to be around NOK 14.5 billion (nominal). Recoverable reserves are put at roughly 182 million barrels of oil and condensate, and 34.8 billion cubic meters of rich gas.