El Paso Receives FERC Approval for Cypress Natural Gas Pipeline

El Paso's subsidiary, Southern Natural Gas, has received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the planned Cypress Pipeline project, which will expand its system by adding a new pipeline from Savannah, Georgia, to Jacksonville, Florida.

"We are committed to developing critical infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of consumers," said Jim Yardley, president of El Paso's Southern Pipeline Group. "The Cypress project is part of the $1.1 billion we plan to spend over the next five years to bring additional sources of natural gas to the Southeast."

The 176-mile pipeline project will transport natural gas supplies from Elba Island, the company's LNG terminal near Savannah, to markets in the Southeast. The project has firm capacity commitments from Progress Energy Florida, Inc. and BG LNG Services, LLC and is expected to be in service by mid-2007.