NESCOS Test for Petrobras Successfully Completed


GGS is pleased to report that the Petrobras test of a NESCOS intelligent-well system in the AP-66 production well in Brazil has been successfully completed. NESCOS is now being registered as a vendor of smart-well systems for Petrobras. That will mean that Petrobras will invite NESCOS to tender for future smart-well installations. Petrobras is one of the largest players when it comes to application of smart well technology.

Lars Raunholt, COO of NESCOS AS and responsible for the Petrobras installation project states: "Petrobras is the first company to test and approve our valves and we are eager to build on this new platform to tender our solutions for up- coming installations. Several other major oil companies have been watching the progress of the Brazilian testing. Having passed this major milestone, I am optimistic about further progress towards achieving commercial orders for NESCOS."