Sidetrack Finds More Oil in Amulet Field

Tap Oil, Ltd. said that the Amulet-3 sidetrack well, having reached its total planned depth in the Dampier sub-basin of Western Australia, has intersected a 15-meter gross oil column in a sandy section up-dip from the oil-bearing sand intersected in Amulet-2.

Amulet-3 was drilled from the same surface location as Amulet-1 and Amulet-2 last Friday under Production License WA-8-L. The sidetrack was designed to establish if the oil-bearing sands intersected in Aumlet-2 extend up-dip and to the east. According to Tap, the interpreted log data confirm this.

Tap noted that rig slot constraints prevent further evaluation of Amulet-3, which will be plugged and abandoned as planned.

All three wells drilled in the Amulet field have encountered oil columns under the regional sealing slab sequence. Seismic data indicate that additional traps may lie further up-dip and to the east. As a result, Tap expects additional drilling to establish the full potential of the area. For now, however, the rig will be released.

In addition to Tap, the well manager with a 20-percent stake, other WA-8-L participants include Santos (operator, 37.4 percent) and Kufpec Australia (42.6 percent).