Falcon Obtains Third-Party Review of Mako Trough

Falcon Oil and Gas Ltd. has received a new independent assessment of the potential resource of the Mako Trough Pannonian Basin Gas Accumulation, its deep gas exploration project in southeastern Hungary.

Falcon commissioned the Dallas-based Scotia Group to independently assess and evaluate the potential resource of the Mako Trough using all available historic data and the latest new information. The Scotia Group estimated the possible range of hydrocarbon volume that theoretically may be produced.

"BCGAs [Basin Centered Gas Accumulations] are being successfully developed in the United States and knowledge of these reservoir systems is a key part of assessing the Mako Trough resource," The Scotia Group reported in its letter to Falcon, "This analysis focused on the deep BCGA, and does not address any oil or gas resources that may occur in associated conventional or unconventional reservoirs outside of the BCGA," the letter stated. The Scotia Group assessment of the potential resource of the Mako Trough Pannonian Basin Gas Accumulation describes technically recoverable resources and does not represent an estimate of reserves.

Based on all available data, The Scotia Group has assigned the following probabilistic estimation of technically recoverable resources to the Falcon interests in the Mako Trough Pannonian Basin Gas Accumulation, measured in trillions of cubic feet (Tcf):

    Probability Greater Than            P90 (90%)    P50 (50%)    P10 (10%)
    Technically Recoverable Resource    18.0 Tcf     45.2 Tcf     96.3 Tcf

"The Scotia Group is a highly respected international oil and gas advisory service organization that has significant expertise and experience in evaluating unconventional gas resources throughout the world, including recent studies assessing unconventional gas resources for a major, multi-national exploration and production company," said Marc A. Bruner, Falcon's chairman and CEO. "We are pleased to have their expert assessment of the potential resource in the Mako Trough BCGA."

Founded in 1981, The Scotia Group is an independent firm providing advisory services to the oil and gas industry. The firm specializes in technical and economic analysis of projects, properties and companies, providing clients with traditional consulting services and strategic advice. The Scotia Group has offices in Dallas, Houston, and Reynosa, Mexico, and maintains professional associations with a number of respected domestic and international firms. The Scotia Group's clients include banks, financial institutions, the legal community, government agencies, and major and independent international energy organizations including ChevronTexaco, EnCana, Petrobras, Repsol Exploration, Qatar Petroleum, Woodside Petroleum ,and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. is a British Columbia corporation that is in the business of oil and gas exploration and production. It has operations in Hungary through its wholly-owned subsidiary TXM Oil and Gas Exploration and in Romania through its wholly-owned subsidiary JVX Energy Corp.