Downhole Products Enters Cable and Control Line Protector Clamp Arena

Downhole Products

Downhole Products introduces its innovative Grippy line of cross-coupling ESP cable and control line protector clamps. Known throughout the industry as a leading supplier of solid centralizers and reamer shoes, the launch of this innovative new line of protector clamps represents a new market for Downhole Products.

Preventing Costly Problems Downhole

When cable protectors are defectively designed, made of poor quality materials or cables are simply unprotected, they can cause serious problems in the wellbore. It's every drilling engineer's nightmare when thousands of feet of cable become loose from the tubing during running or pulling operations, creating a bird's nest between the tubing and casing. More often than not, the tubing becomes hopelessly stuck in the casing, and many days are lost to fishing operations. In addition, when a cable remains unprotected, compression-induced damage can deform and weaken conductors and control lines, rendering them useless. Therefore, it is critical to select quality protector clamps to prevent these types of unforeseen and costly events.

Drilling engineers will be especially relieved to know that Downhole Products' new Grippy cable protectors convey and secure ESP cable and control lines in and out of well-bores quickly, safely and efficiently. Designed to new exacting standards, the Grippy cable protector's contoured, slick features prevent serious hang-ups downhole. In addition, they are specially engineered to eliminate compression-induced damage to ESP conductors and control line cables.

Years of Research, Development and Testing Bear Fruit

Two years of research and development were invested in this new range of cable protectors before Downhole Products launched a series of extensive testing and qualification procedures to ensure that the protectors would deliver a superior performance. All Grippy cross-coupling cable protectors are manufactured to ISO 9001-2000 quality procedures.

Grippy cable protector assemblies are available for all standard tubing and casing sizes, and coupling connections ranging from 2-7/8" through 7-00". They can also be configured for both round and flat ESP cables, sub-surface safety valves, chemical injection lines, and fiber optics.

"For many years, drilling engineers have struggled with this extremely exasperating and expensive situation whereby the cable pulls loose, tangles into a horrendous mass and becomes wedged between the tubing and casing," said Bill Barron, Director of Downhole Products. "Drawing upon our experience in designing and manufacturing solid centralisers and reamer shoes – particularly the Blade Runner centralizer and the Pen-o-trator reamer shoe - we created the Grippy line of cable and control line protector clamps to prevent this costly scenario by working to secure and guide cables in and out of the wellbore," he added.

Downhole Products specializes in the design and manufacture of specialist oilfield equipment for the international upstream oil and gas industries. Founded in 1994 in Aberdeen, Scotland, Downhole Products is known throughout the industry for its range of solid centralizers and reamer shoes. The Spir-o-lizer, the company's flagship solid body centralizer, was introduced that year and remains the unrivalled industry choice, as illustrated by its successful performance in the Middle East, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The Spir-o-lizer was followed by the introduction in 1998 of the Pen-o-trator, a patented reamer shoe. The Pen-o-trator tool quickly established itself as the Best in Class Reamer Shoe because of its fast and easy drill-out ability, low torque reaming features, and minimal surge pressure while running in-hole. In 2002, the company expanded its portfolio with the launch of two new tools: the Spir-o-mizer and the Econ-o-lizer. The Spir-o-mizer is a cementing tool that is ideal for use when hole cleaning and cement placement are critical, but torque and drag are not major issues. The Econ-o-lizer, a positive rigid centralizer made of solid steel, was designed to replace the "bow spring" style of centralizer that had been in use for 70 years. Rounding out this portfolio is the Blade Runner centralizer, a first-of-its-kind solid centralizer that is designed to significantly reduce drag and torque while running casing, liners and tubing in today's extreme wells.

With more than $6 million in specialist stock housed at its Aberdeen headquarters in addition to equipment located at strategic sites worldwide, Downhole Products dispatches equipment daily by air, sea and land around the world.

As the leading centralizer design and manufacturing company in Europe, most major operators have utilized Downhole Products' range of centralizers and reamer shoes to improve well bore casing operations and reduce costs by eliminating trouble time.