Tap Oil to Drill Third Amulet Sidetrack Well

Tap Oil

Tap Oil reports that preparations were underway to drill a third sidetrack well from Amulet-1, named Amulet-3, to further appraise the Amulet oil discovery.

The Amulet-3 side track well is anticipated to take approximately 3 days to reach its planned total depth. The well is designed to investigate the eastern extent of the upper oil bearing sand discovered in Amulet-2 as reported on June 14, 2006. It will further establish if there are additional oil bearing sands in that direction

A large amount of data has become available within a short time since the Amulet-1 discovery. The drilling of the second sidetrack well (Amulet-3) provides the opportunity to gain additional timely information on the up-dip extent of this discovery.

The Amulet oil field discovery is located in Production License WA-8-L, in the Dampier Sub-basin, of Western Australia, 34 kilometers north-west of the Legendre oil field and production facilities.

WA-8-L participants are Tap (Shelfal) Pty Ltd as well manager with 20%; Santos Limited as permit operator with 37.3684% and Kufpec Australia Pty Ltd with 42.6316%.