Talisman Monkman Well Tests at 27 MMCF/D

Talisman Energy Inc.

Talisman Energy has drilled another successful well in the Monkman region in northeastern British Columbia. The Talisman et al Bullmoose a-A043-E/093-P-03 well (Talisman Energy Canada 73%) tested at rates of up to 27mmcf/d (gross, raw gas). The well is expected to be tied-in during the fourth quarter of 2006.

This successful Triassic well follows two previously announced wells, which tested at rates of 30 mmcf/d (Talisman 33%) and 16 mmcf/d (Talisman 31%) earlier this year and the d-93-D/93-P-5 deep well (Talisman 80%), which has been producing approximately 34 mmcf/d (gross sales gas). Plans are underway to spud another deep well next month. The Company also plans to shoot the second phase of a major 3D seismic program in the Brazion area. It is anticipated that this will lead to additional Paleozoic and Triassic drilling locations in 2007 and beyond.