Northern Sun to Drill Moving Forward with Canadian Exploration Program

Grouard, AB

Northern Sun has completed an additional 28 km - 2 D seismic program over its property near Grouard, wherein the Company has approximately twenty (20) sections of full rights consisting mainly of crown land and other leases with the Kapawe'no First Nation. The seismic data has been evaluated and seven (7) prospective multi-zone drilling locations have been selected and regulatory approvals for such locations have or are in the process of being acquired. The Company is also in the process of negotiating for access to lands held by other operators where additional multi zone gas prospects have been identified by the Company.

Lavoy, AB

At the Company's Lavoy property, a service rig has arrived and production from the Company's fourth well is expected to begin within the next two weeks. The well was tied in prior to spring break-up but the Company could not contract a service rig at the time in order to complete one of the wells productive zones prior to road bans in the area.

Peace River Arch, AB

The Company was successful at crown land sales purchasing two (2) new sections of land in the Worsley / Clear Hills area in north western Alberta. The Company purchased 2D and 3D seismic data over the land and has identified at least two (2) 2250 meter multi zone oil and gas test well locations targeting the Leduc formation. Successful exploration oil wells on trend average reserves in the order of 100,000 to 150,000 barrels and gas wells in the order of 5 BCF of gas. The Company is currently in the process of acquiring the necessary regulatory approvals to drill both prospects.

Fort Pitt / Senlac, SK

At the Company's Fort Pitt property its 100% working interest exploration test well was drilled to a depth of 800 meters encountering various prospective zones. Upon initial production tests the well encountered gas from a shallow horizon, as well as oil in the Mannville zone. The well has been shut in temporarily as the Company is evaluating plans to re-complete the well as an oil well.

At the Company's Senlac property its 100% working interest exploration well is producing gas from the Colony formation, the McLaren was found to contain oil.

Battle Creek, SK

The Company is currently reviewing candidate gas zones and planning a re-completion program for its six existing gas wells in the Battle Creek area. The wells were drilled last year and are tied-into existing third party facilities. The Company has scheduled to begin the re-completion operations in mid-summer.

SW Saskatchewan

The Company is planning on drilling two new exploration test wells. The first gas test will be on its Divide acreage targeting multi zone prospects to a depth of approximately 1100 meters, as well as a new exploration well on its 100% working interest lands in the Supreme area testing similar prospects. Both well locations have been identified through the interpretation of 2D seismic and are close to a third party energy trust pipeline and compressor facilities.

Northern Sun is an Alberta-based exploration company with approximate production of 315 boed. Current production is down due to natural production declines and higher than expected pipeline pressures in the 3rd party mid-stream transporters at the Company's Lavoy and Grouard properties.