OHM and Rock Solid Images Team Up

Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping

Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc (OHM) and Rock Solid Images (RSI) are working together to advance the integration of seismic and well log data with CSEM.

The co-operation agreement means that, for the first time explorers will be able to evaluate their exploration prospects using a fully integrated data set incorporating seismic, controlled source electromagnetic imaging and well log data. The fully integrated data will provide clients with a heightened level of information on likely rock and fluid properties and improve upon the direct detection of hydrocarbons.

Dave Pratt, CEO of OHM plc, commented: "CSEM is an exciting value added technology that provides a new remote sensing measurement of the properties of the earth. We can substantially increase the value that can be derived from CSEM data by integrating it with other geophysical information. This integration will improve the answers we can give to explorationists and reservoir engineers. RSI has in depth expertise in many of the areas of data integration that we are interested in, and shares our vision of how to assess rock and fluid properties from integration of remote sensing data."

Added Richard Cooper, President of Rock Solid Images: "OHM's CSEM processing and inversion workflows perfectly complement the well and seismic methods developed at Rock Solid Images. We believe rock-physics relationships hold the key to integrating seismic and well-log data for quantitative interpretation. We are extending these rock-physics relationships to accommodate CSEM data, permitting simultaneous interpretation of seismic and EM data within a unified, borehole-based rock and fluid model. In this way we combine the strengths of both types of data and obtain information which would not be available from either one alone."