Tap Oil Sidetracks the Amulet Exploration Well

Tap Oil

Tap Oil reports that the Amulet-1 CH has been drilled alongside Amulet-1 to collect a core over the intersected reservoir section. A full 34 meter section of core was collected and has been dispatched for laboratory analysis.

The Amulet-2 sidetrack well has also been drilled to its planned total depth and preliminary wireline evaluation been completed.

The oil bearing sand from Amulet-1 was intersected in Amulet-2 on prognosis and preliminary analysis indicates it is oil bearing with an oil water contact consistent with Amulet-1.

In addition to this, a separate 6 meter oil sand was intersected shallower in the well. Pressure testing data suggests that this is lighter oil than that recovered from Amulet-1 and is in a separate pool. Initial indications are that the reservoir quality in the second sand in Amulet-2 is of better quality than the reservoir in Amulet-1.

The intersection of the oil bearing sand in Amulet-2 sidetrack well demonstrates that the oil column extends at least 450 meters laterally from the Amulet-1 well and confirms the mapping of this level. This well data will facilitate an estimate of the oil in place in Amulet field discovered by Amulet-1. An estimate of the amount of oil that can be recovered will still require further analysis of the reservoir properties from the recovered core.

The additional oil bearing sand higher up in the section indicates that there is an additional accumulation to the south-east of Amulet-1. A further well up-dip will be required to evaluate this sand and this is being considered by the Joint Venture.

The results of both wells will be integrated into a preliminary post well volumetric assessment over the next few weeks. This will provide an initial indication as to the commercial potential of the field.

The Amulet discovery is located in Production License WA-8-L in the Dampier Sub-basin offshore Western Australia.

Amulet-2 Participants are Tap (Shelfal) Pty Ltd as well manager with 20%; Santos Limited as permit operator with 37.3684% and Kufpec Australia Pty Ltd with 42.6316%.