CNOOC To Triple Gas Output by 2005

CNOOC has set a target of 10.9 billion cubic meters for natural gas production by 2005. This number is almost 3 times last year's output of 4.1 billion cubic meters. The company's gas output is estimated to be approximately 20 billion cubic meters in 2010 and 30 billion cubic meters in 2015, Zhu Wenda, manager of CNOOC's business strategy and development department, said in a statement.

CNOOC has plans in the works to build several pipelines to ship offshore natural gas to nearby provinces and connect them to a trunk gas pipeline along the coast in 10-15 years, Zhu said. Natural gas from the Bohai Sea would be piped to the eastern province of Shandong and the northeastern province of Liaoning. Gas from the East China Sea's Pinghu and Lishui fields would supply booming coastal city of Shanghai and the eastern province of Zhejiang. Gas from the South China Sea's Dongfang 1-1, HZ21-1 and Ledong 22-1 fields would be piped to the southern provinces of Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi.