EnDevCo Adds New Pay Zone in Short Junction Field


EnDevCo has discovered a "new pay zone" in Short Junction Field in Oklahoma. The #1 E. Kelly (WSJU #44) well was completed this past week in the Prue sand formation, pumping oil at a rate of 30 barrels per day from approximately 17 feet of pay sand.

"The Prue sand is a prolific oil producer in the Airport Trend less than five miles away where several wells have produced over 150,000 barrels each," said Dick Boyce, EnDevCo's chief operating officer. "This is a significant discovery as it is the first time production has been established in the Prue sands in the Short Junction Field and could potentially add in excess of one million barrels of proven behind pipe reserves."

EnDevCo has mapped several significant Prue sand channels crossing the Short Junction Field and have identified at least 25 additional wells that have log character similar to the WSJU #44 well, that indicate oil pay behind pipe. The company is planning additional completions in those wells that penetrate the same pay zone in an attempt to immediately increase its proved reserves.

EnDevCo also has filed permits to begin operations to wash down the #2 E.S. Rowland "A" well (WSJU #196) to attempt a completion in the Skinner sand at a position directly offsetting Skinner gas production, established last year by Dominion Exploration and Production Co. in their #1-28 Rowland well. The EnDevCo #2 E.S. Rowland "A" well will test the Skinner sand approximately 100 feet high to the gas production already established in the offset well.