James A. Beck to Retire from Seneca Resources

National Fuel Gas Company says that, effective July 1, 2006, James A. Beck will retire as President of Seneca Resources Corporation, the Exploration and Production segment of National Fuel. A search for his replacement is underway, during which Barry L. McMahan, Senior Vice President of Seneca, will oversee Seneca's day-to-day operations. McMahan, who has more than 29 years experience in oil and gas production and management, joined Seneca in 1988 and was named Senior Vice President in 2001.

"We are grateful to Jim for his long and dedicated service to Seneca and the role he's played in developing this important element of our business," said David F. Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of National Fuel.

Beck joined National Fuel in 1989 as Manager of Operations for Seneca's California production, following 20 years of experience in the petroleum industry throughout the United States and internationally. He was named Executive Vice President of Seneca in 1995 and President in 1996.

Seneca Resources explores for, develops and purchases natural gas and oil reserves in California, the Appalachian region, the Gulf Coast region of Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, and the western provinces of Canada. Seneca's exploration emphasis is centered on drilling for new reserves in Canada and the Gulf of Mexico, while development drilling continues to expand in the Appalachian region and in California. Smith added, "The dynamics of the energy marketplace make this an exciting time to be in the exploration and production arena, and Seneca remains a fundamental component of National Fuel's integrated structure."