Roxar Awarded Two African Deals with Vetco Gray

Roxar has signed a LOI with Vetco Gray to supply its industry leading subsea multiphase meters and a contract with the same company to supply its subsea wet gas meters. The two deals, with a multi-million US dollar value together, consolidate Roxar's expanding position in the subsea instrumentation market.

The meters will be deployed in two offshore African fields where Vetco Gray is supplying subsea systems. Ten Roxar subsea Multiphase meters will be supplied to a field offshore Angola and seven Roxar subsea Wetgas meters will be supplied to a field offshore South Africa. Through the continuous measurement of the amount of oil, condensate, gas and water at the wellheads on the sea bed, the field operators will be able to increase flow assurance from the fields, optimize the production process and maximize oil and gas recovery.

The Roxar subsea Multiphase meter is designed to continuously measure the flow rates of oil, water and gas in the well stream without the need for separation. The light-weight meters are designed for maximum reliability, performance and flexibility with each well having a jumper mounted meter with retrievable canisters containing electronics, CPU (Central Processing Unit) and power. The meters are more accurate than separation-based systems because they are independent of separation efficiency and insensitive to slugs, foam, carry-overs and emulsions. The information is used to determine the optimal production capacity of each well over the lifetime of the field, thereby avoiding the risk of overproducing the well, while at the same time, accelerating production and increasing recovery.

The Roxar subsea Wetgas meter is the latest in wet gas metering technology, providing real-time accurate flow rates and extremely sensitive and accurate water fraction measurements. The Roxar subsea Wetgas meter is also the only available meter with online and direct measurement of formation water in a wet gas flow, allowing direct measurement of water as soon as it starts to be produced from the well. The formation water detection function in the meter is an important input parameter for controlling hydrates, corrosion and scale in a subsea production system.

Roxar CEO, Sandy Esslemont commented on the announcement:
"In today's competitive global E&P industry with accelerating decline rates, increased field maturity and growing reservoir complexity, there has never been a more important time for oil and gas operators to get the most out of their assets. By measuring multiphase and wet gas flows in real-time to an unsurpassed degree of accuracy, operators can gather valuable new information on a well's performance, take early remedial action when a problem develops and optimize production."

He continues:
"We are delighted to be joining forces with Vetco Gray today and are confident that our multiphase and wet gas meters will help the field operators to increase productivity, flow assurance and oil recovery."