M-I SWACO Grinding Plant Earns Award for Safety

The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has awarded the M-I SWACO Barite Grinding Plant in Amelia, LA its "Sentinels of Safety" certificate in recognition of logging four years without a lost-time accident (LTA).

Since its last lost-time accident in January 2002, the Amelia operation has worked a total of 174,624.5 hours without an LTA, producing more than 1,412,297 tons of barite in the process. The Amelia facility is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, producing an average of 32,000 tons of barite a month.

In presenting the award, MSHA Inspector George Olivia praised the operation for its "safe work record and attitude toward safety in the workplace."

"This is a remarkable accomplishment in a sector of our industry that performs very high risk activities," said M-I SWACO Senior Vice President of North America Joe Bacho. "The Amelia team has developed and nurtured a safety culture that will not accept that accidents are a routine part of business."

Based in Houston, Texas, M-I SWACO, which is jointly owned 60% by Smith International, Inc. and 40% by Schlumberger, is a leading supplier of drilling, reservoir drill-in, completion and production fluids products/systems and solids control and waste management services and equipment to the worldwide petroleum industry.